Raise Horse Racing Sport

Around the world are numerous kinds of sports being held on land and water may it be dangerous or not. However, horse raising is on of the most inferior kind of sport held only in countries having too many horses. Sometimes, in countries having few horse, they are gathered in the parks and people just try to go and ride there but not for  horse racing.

Horse racing comes in various ways of playing. It can be by two’s or by many. There are also levels of this race. In horse racing, it is not necessary that horse carry people, it can also be that horse pulls something at his back. Horses joining these races are no ordinary horses. They have been trained by their owner to ran as fast as they could. In fact, horse are faster than a car in terms of speed in km/h. Horses have an average speed of 45 km/hr by galloping and cars have an average speed of 60 km/h.

Normally, horses are just in the ranches. They are not used for sports but they are used for traveling. It is very beautiful to watch horse racing especially when there are so many of them. Texas is the number one country opening for horse racing in different parks especially in Dallas and Houston. However, this time, horse racing too is vanishing. How sad would it be when horse racing will not come to take its root. We hope that horse  racers from around the world will be able to raise the banner for horse racing.